Professional mobile recording studio in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
MudsharkAudio is one of the first three recording studios in Canada capable of DSD256, and among the select in North America
able to record multi-channel DSD/DXD/SACD. This medium is the closest possible to the original Analogue Impulse, and ideal for analogue mixing techniques
MudsharkAudio studio and mobile audio recording has worked with many international and local artists.
Our mixes and live recordings have been released under major label distribution such as Warner Bros. as well as prominent Indie organizations.
We offer scalable location, live and studio recording setups using some
of the best equipment available in the Ottawa, Renfrew, Almonte, Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall area. We supply an experienced Registered Piano
Technician who services, and tunes the accompanist's piano. We offer sound restoration packages, CD Duplication, and more... Ottawa recording studio,
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